Let the Party Planning Begin!

Time flies.

It feels like only yesterday that my twins Roman and Laila were born.

And now they’re about a month and a half shy of turning 3!

I love a reason to celebrate and there’s no better reason than my babies making it another year.  I will admit, there were times this past year that I wasn’t sure if any of us would make it, with potty training, temper tantrums, and full on meltdowns (sometimes me, sometimes them).  But, we all survived!

Last year, we celebrated their second birthday with a Gone Camping theme in our backyard.  We set up tents and tables and posted camping signs all around the yard on our fence.  The pint-sized party guests went on a nature scavenger hunt, they fished in a “fishing hole”, and painted wood bird houses.

I made a DIY party table backdrop using a tri-fold foam board that I covered in wood-grain contact paper from the Dollar Tree.  I also bought a blank banner from Michaels and designed red and black plaid letters on my computer to spell out Camp Woods.  The rest of the décor included an old lantern we had stored in the garage, a mini Christmas tree, wood platters, and pinecones and acorns scattered around the table.

We served up BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with garlic aioli, grilled hotdogs, baked beans, corn on the cob, and fresh berries.


The dessert table turned out beautifully and featured a four-layer s’mores birthday cake, cupcakes with adorable bear faces on them, a s’mores bar, fish bait (gummy worms), and mini s’mores pies.  The drink station featured a punch bowl full of “bug juice”, a green punch with a few plastic bugs floating around.  Such a cute detail!

Everything turned out great!

So great that I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to do for this year’s party.  Things can be tricky when it comes to twins, especially boy/girl twins.  I try to pick themes that are gender neutral and will be enjoyed by both of them.

I’ve finally decided on a Farm-themed party for this year and can’t wait to get started with planning all of the details.  I’ve already got a few DIYs planned and I’ll be sharing them on the blog soon.