Farm Party Series: DIY Barn Backdrop

My twins will be turning 3 next month and I’ve decided on a farm-themed birthday party.  The first thing I started scouring the internet for was ideas on how to make a barn backdrop for the food table.  My food and dessert tables are always the focal point of my get-togethers, so I felt that once I figured out how to create the backdrop, I would be on my way to designing a fabulous party!

As always, Pinterest came through for me!  I discovered Catie Ward’s blog, Wife of a Traveling Husband, and she had a tutorial titled “Building a Barn Backdrop” that was exactly what I was looking for.

I was able to take this red tri-fold foam board purchased at Michaels with a 50% off coupon:

and turn it into this beautiful barn:

And the best part about it was that the only thing I had to purchase from the store to make it was the foam board.  I already had 12×12 black card stock (I used 3 pieces), measuring tape, white duck tape, scissors, a pencil, and glue at home.

Please see Catie’s blog for detailed instructions.  Here are my cliff notes:

-Using measuring tape, a pencil, and scissors, measure, mark, and then cut the foam board sides at an angle to create the roof line.

-Cut the black cardstock into equally sized strips and glue them along the top of the barn’s roof line.

-Glue one black sheet of paper onto the top of the barn (I trimmed down the 12×12 sheet) – this will be the chicken coop.

-Using white duct tape, outline the barn doors and go around the chicken coop.

That’s it!

It was so easy to make and only took me about 30 minutes from start to finish.  Definitely effortless!