Double-Sided Fall Pillow


I’m Denise.

And I have an obsession with decorative throw pillows.

“Hi Denise!” (I hear my fellow pillow lovers chant.)

I love the way a beautifully patterned pillow can really dress up a couch or chair.  Or how a grouping of pillows completes a room.

As I’m sure many other pillow lovers have faced, there came a time when Mr. Effortless began questioning why we needed to have so many pillows.  SIGH.  He just didn’t understand.

But the fiscally responsible side of me did agree with him that these pillows were not cheap and were costing us a small fortune.  So to remedy this, I starting shopping online for pillow covers instead.  I discovered that I could purchase pillow covers that cost anywhere from $2.00 – $8.00 a pop (this usually meant a 6-week out delivery date because the goods had to be shipped from China, but alas, beggars—or the fiscally responsible—can’t be choosy right?!).

I vowed to never buy pillows in-store again.

Confession:  This vow might have lasted for all of about 6 months.

But not all hope is lost on me.  While I do still purchase pillows from the store from time to time, I am much more selective about what I bring home.  It’s got to have a design that:

(1) I really love;

(2) really compliments my current décor (and not something that makes me feel the need to buy all new accessories, furniture, and more pillows—cause’ Mr. Effortless aint’ having that!); and

(3) I can use more than one season.

And that’s why I’m so happy to be sharing this fantastic pillow find.

This beautiful pillow goes from this classy “Fall Sweet Fall” design:


to this trendy buffalo check print which I absolutely adore:

Two prints for the price of one??!!  Major score!

This pillow is currently selling for $19.99 at Kirkland stores but I bought it with a 20% off coupon.  At the time of this post, it’s currently sold out online, but available in select stores.  Please check the Kirkland’s website to find out if it’s available at a store near year.

And don’t forget to tell the Mr. Effortless in your life what a great deal you got!