Farm Party Series: Menu and Food Labels

After I had decided to go with a farm-themed party to celebrate the twins’ third birthday, next up on the agenda was to plan the menu.  There were so many cute and catchy food names to go with the theme.  It took me a bit to narrow down my list, but here’s what I’ve ultimately decided for my kids’ party:

Pigs in a Blanket

Farm-raised Turkey Sandwich Ring

Farm-fresh Eggs (Deviled Eggs)

Fresh-picked Berries

Chicken Feed (Chex Mix)

Cupcakes (with farm animal faces)

Mud Cups (Chocolate pudding with crushed cookies)

Cow Tales Candy

Just in case you’re planning a farm-themed party, here are a few other options that I thought were really cute and deserve mentioning: Chicken Nuggets, Hay Bales (Rice Krispy Treats), Hay Stacks (Pretzel sticks), Pig’s Tail Pasta (Pasta Salad made with corkscrew pasta), and Tractor Tires (Oreo cookies).

I like to design labels for the food and dessert tables that coordinate with my theme.  It’s a simple process.  I create a template in Microsoft Word using the insert shapes feature.  I insert a 6×4 inch rectangle to fit within my frames (these frames were purchased at Ikea).   Next, I find a background pattern that I like and use it to frame my label.  For this party, I went with a simple cow print pattern.  I insert another rectangle within the first one and then I choose an appropriate font to type the food names.  Last, I find a couple of free clip art pictures that match my theme and place them accordingly.  Here is the finished product: