Potting Bench Turned Indoor/Outdoor Bar Cart

This past summer I was on the hunt for the perfect bar cart. I wanted to find one that I could use both indoors as a drink station for get-togethers, and outdoors while the fam and I were lounging at the pool.

I didn’t find a lot of options during any of my hunting sprees, and the two bar carts I did find at Homegoods and TJ Maxx cost more than I was willing to pay.

Then lo and behold, while browsing on Amazon one afternoon, I stumbled across this potting bench that I thought, with a little TLC, would make a great indoor/outdoor bar cart:

I  loved the shelving space the bench offered.  The top shelf could hold cups and glasses and the bottom shelves could hold drinks, extra cups, or display party décor.  The drawer was fully functioning and could hold napkins, straws, a bottle opener, and drink stirrers.  The hollowed sink looked like the perfect place to store ice.  And the price was right too.  I was sold!

I knew immediately that I wanted to stain the bench a darker color and that the hardware needed to be upgraded, but those were both really simple fixes I knew I could take on.

Once the bench arrived from Amazon, it took my hubby all of about an hour to put it together.  Here was the finished model:

As I mentioned, the hardware left much to be desired, but a quick trip to Lowes solved that problem.  I bought a sturdier, classic looking pull and ditched the side hooks altogether.

Here is the stain I used, also purchased from Lowes:

It was easy to apply and dried in about 24 hours, though it’s probably best to let it dry for a full 48-72 hours because the paint is somewhat tacky the first couple of days.  If you plan to leave the cart outside, you should apply some type of sealant to protect the wood in the elements, but I have no intentions of leaving mine outside so I skipped that step.

After staining the wood and applying my new pull, my bar cart was ready for action!

It turned out great!

And I love dressing it up for different occasions.  Here’s what it looked like on the 4th of July:

I plan on adding caster wheels to it at some point to make it easier to move around, but otherwise, I think it’s perfect as it!