Halloween Inspiration: Costume Pairs


I have great childhood memories of getting dressed up for Halloween with my sisters and running door-to-door with the neighborhood kids, all of us trying to collect as much candy as we possibly could. Sometimes we had store-bought costumes and other times we created our own outfits with sparkly wigs, lots (and I mean lots) of makeup, and mix-matched clothes. It was always so much fun seeing all of the different costumes while we were out. Then, at the end of the night, my sisters and I would race back home so that we could dump out our goodie bags and do some trading with one another so that we could get more of the candy that we each really wanted! Fun times!

Nowadays, safety is a major concern for most parents, so I don’t think that many kids today run wild on Halloween the way I remember as a kid. And I get it, I’m a parent too and my kids’ safety is a top priority. But I want my kids to grow up really enjoying the holiday, whether it be going door-to-door with mom and dad, enjoying a church festival, or celebrating the occasion with friends at school. Mr. Effortless and I do what we can to help them get into the spirit and dressing up in cute costumes is a must!

Here is the fam and I a couple years back, dressed as a family of pirates:



I’m a sucker for clever costume pairs: Popeye and Olive Oil, a Crayon Box with a Crayon, or Colonel Sanders and a Bucket of Chicken:

And check out this family representing In-N-Out Burger:

Last year, my son was the Cookie Monster and my daughter was a giant cookie. They were a perfect pair and they received tons of compliments.

The Cookie Monster costume is available on Amazon and you can find the cookie costume at Target stores.


No matter how you choose to celebrate, I hope you enjoy the time spent with your loved ones!



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