2017 Fall Bucket List – Update no. 1

I posted my family’s 2017 Fall Bucket List here.  Now that we’re about half-way through October, I feel like it’s time for an update to see what’ve we’ve checked off of our list so far.  Let’s jump right in.

4. Host a Halloween-themed movie night – CHECK!

The initial plan was to invite a few people over for this movie night, but we ended up doing it impromptu so it was just the fam and I. I never realized it before, but there aren’t a lot of non-scary Halloween movies for young kids.  “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” seemed to be on most people’s top 10 lists of Halloween movies for kids, but hubby and I weren’t sure this would keep our kids attention as it was a bit slow going.  They seemed to be more interested in the snacks than the movie anyway, so hubby and I threw on Men in Black while they played and ate popcorn.

5. Enter the kids into a Halloween costume contest – CHECK!

I was probably the most excited about this item on the bucket list.  We took the kids to an event called the Family Monster Ball which included dinner and dessert, dancing, fun, and games hosted by a local DJ, and costume contests for the adults and kids.  Our kids had a great time dancing and playing with the other kids, and my hubby and I enjoyed watching them.  There’s nothing like seeing your children running around with huge smiles on their faces.  There were about 15-20 families there, which made the event more intimate and interactive.

Here are the kiddos getting ready to leave the house, costumes in hand:

And here they are at the ball:

We entered our kids in the ages 5 and under costume category and they took home the win!!!  The winners were chosen by applause and it seemed like everyone was rooting for my babies!  They took home bragging rights and a $50 gift card.

8. Make pumpkin chili – CHECK!

I posted about this delicious chili and cornbread recipe here. If you’re looking for the perfect fall recipe, this is it.

10. Decorate the porch for fall

I don’t usually do a lot of decorating on our porch with the exception of some type of wreath or monogram on the front door, a few topiaries in pots, and a throw pillow or two, so I kept it simple with my fall décor as well.

I just put a scarecrow wreath on the door, I leaned a few scarecrows on the columns that I picked up on clearance at Michaels, and I updated the covers on my throw pillows with some fabric I had leftover from a previous project.  The two pumpkins you see in the first picture are the ones the kids will be painting, so we’ll have number 1 on the bucket list checked off soon too.

So that’s it, so far we’ve hit 4 out of the 10 items on the list.

How are you and your loved ones celebrating fall?