Simple Halloween Place Setting

Halloween is right around the corner and I’ve been seeing tons of inspiration for kids’ parties, but not a lot for us grown folks that are big kids at heart.  So I threw together this simple (and inexpensive) place setting that would be perfect for an adult dinner party.

The tablecloth, skull, skeleton hand, and white plate were all picked up at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 each.  The striped plate is from Ikea and retails for $4.99.  The flower is from Michaels and was attached to a garland that I’ve had for awhile now, so I don’t remember what I paid for it, but I do remember picking it up on clearance.  All of Michael’s fall florals are currently on clearance at 70% off, so if you’re in need of faux flowers, now is a great time to pick some up.

I literally put this place setting together in about 5 minutes, but to dress it up even further, I would lay a table runner down the middle of the table; add a black place mat under each setting; lay the cutlery on top of a striped cloth napkin; and add a nice floral arrangement in burgundies and pinks to serve as the centerpiece.

TIP: When creating a floral arrangement, you can always do a mix of real flowers with fake ones if you have some on hand.  I like doing this because real flowers can get pricey, but if I add fakes ones and mix them in with the real ones, my arrangement ends up looking nice and full and I save some money too.

And since you know I love me a themed-event, here is a sample dinner menu that coordinates perfectly with the Halloween theme: