2017 Fall Bucket List – Update no. 2

Hi there!  Now that Halloween is all said and done, it’s time for another update on our 2017 Fall Bucket List. I posted the first update here.

1. Paint pumpkins – CHECK!

Me and my kiddos and their auntie painted these cute pumpkins to match my kids’ Halloween costumes.  Aren’t they adorable?!

As you can see, my baby girl worked on the cookie pumpkin, but I realized that the shade of paint I chose was much too dark, so I gave it one more quick coat after she finished and it was perfect!

2. Attend a fall festival – CHECK!

Get ready for cuteness overload!!!


Man, I love these kids!!!

9. Make a homemade pie – CHECK!

In case you missed it, I posted a delicious no-bake double-layer pumpkin pie recipe here, and it was sooooo good!

When I initially added this item to the bucket list, I envisioned making some sort of fruit pie….apple or berry topped with a thick and flaky crust.  But in the spirit of #allpumpkineverything, I decided to make this pumpkin pie and it did not disappoint. As I pointed out in the initial post, I much prefer sweet potato pie over pumpkin, but this was insanely good!!  And BONUS: one batch of filling makes 2 pies, so you have an extra one for sharing if you so choose.

Here’s what’s left on the bucket list:

3. Take photos in a pumpkin patch – EPIC FAIL!

My hubby and I took our kids to two different fall festivals and a Family Monster Ball (this is where they won the 5 and Under Halloween Costume Contest) and none of these events had a pumpkin patch!  There were pumpkins, but not a full on patch.  In fact, we picked up the pumpkins that we ended up painting at one of these festivals, so after that, going to a pumpkin patch sort of fell to the bottom of my to-do list.  But in my defense, we were pretty busy this month with our kids’ third birthday party plus all of the fall events that we attended, so I kind of didn’t mind not going this year.  We’ll try again next year I suppose.

6. Bake pumpkin bread

7. Attend a football game

I’m still planning on knocking these two items off the list this month, so I should have one final update to give to complete my 2017 Fall Bucket List.

Do you make a Fall Bucket List?  Have you checked off all the boxes on your list yet?