What to do with all that Halloween Candy?!

I know many parents are ready to throw out all the leftover candy a few days post Halloween.  You don’t want your children consuming all that excess sugar, and you definitely don’t want any of it to make its way into your mouth.  But I wanted to share this idea with you before you toss it all out.

One of the holiday activities I like to do with my kids is to put together and decorate a gingerbread house.  We usually buy the ready to make kits that come with everything, but let’s be honest….there’s never nearly enough candy in those kits.  In years past, I’ve gone to the store to buy more candy to supplement what comes in the kit.  But this year, I realized that if I just bag up the leftover Halloween candy and store it out of reach in the back of my pantry, when it comes time to work on the gingerbread house:  (1) I’ve already got a great variety of candies at my disposal, (2) I don’t end up spending more money to buy additional candy, and (3) bonus for me, I don’t inhale pounds and pounds of the sweet stuff!

Image source: Cooking with My Kid


I used to have a love/hate relationship with gingerbread houses.


I loved the thought of making one, but no matter how much of the icing glue I used, I could never get the house to stay together for long, so I would end up frustrated and agitated.  And it doesn’t help that I like instant gratification either.  Who wants to start building a house, stop for several hours so that the “glue” can dry, then come back some time later to begin putting on the candies?  Not me, and especially not when my kids are working on it with me.  I needed a one session and we’re done with this type of gingerbread project.  So last year, I started using my trusty ol’ glue gun to piece the house together and it worked like a charm.  I was able to assemble the house in about 10 minutes flat and then we were able to get right to the fun part….decorating!

Image source: Tailrace Centre

We never eat the gingerbread house.  I use this as a memory-making activity for the kids and I, so while using real glue makes the house inedible, that’s not a concern for us at all.

This year, Mr. Effortless picked up this fun Trolls-themed gingerbread house kit for the kids and I to work on, cause’ he’s thoughtful like that.  The kids are really excited about it, and with my glue gun handy, it should be a stress-fee event.

So if you haven’t already tossed (or eaten) your leftover candy, consider putting it away and saving it for a fun project to do with your loved ones.