How to Put Together a Thanksgiving Table for Young Children

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. I look forward to the great food, cooler weather, and spending time with our extended family and friends if we’re able to do so. And as I mentioned in another post, Thanksgiving night also marks the beginning of my Christmas decorating, so I look forward to it each year.

As I shared here, my babies recently turned 3 years old and these days, they are Mr. and Ms. Independent. In Thanksgivings’ past, hubby and I have either spoon-fed them their Thanksgiving dinner or sat them in their high chairs so they could feed themselves, but this year, I decided they should have their very own Thanksgiving table.

This table was super easy to put together so I thought I would share 5 quick tips in case others are looking for ideas to put together a table for their little ones too.

1. Select an appropriately sized table.

I like this one from Ikea:

Or this one from Amazon:

2. Pick a tablecloth.

This doesn’t need to be anything fancy and in fact, unconventional items work best since most traditional tablecloths are made for large tables.  I like to use pre-cut fabric, wrapping paper, or even kraft paper works well.

3. Add pops of color using colorful plates and kid-friendly centerpieces.

For this table, my kids and I made a DIY turkey by painting a pumpkin and attaching eyes, a beak, and feathers to it.

4. Create a custom place card with your child’s name on it

There are so many options for this.  I like this edible style made from cookies:

Image from sweetcreationsv Etsy shop

Or this traditional one:

Image from

5. Put an age-appropriate craft on the table.

This can be any type of craft, though I would keep it simple and holiday-themed (think pumpkins or turkeys). For our table, I chose coloring sheets that I made on our computer using free printables.

We are now officially T minus 9 days away from Thanksgiving and I can’t wait!  Here’s to hoping my little ones enjoy their table and Mr. Effortless and I aren’t wishing we had strapped them in to their high chairs!