In the Kitchen Lately…

In the kitchen lately, I’ve been working on cakes and sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.

We celebrated my hubby’s birthday this past week and for the occasion, I made him his favorite cake because in the Effortless household, cake is a MUST on your birthday.

This was a two-layer German Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting spread between the layers and piped as a border around the coconut pecan topping.  It was sooooo good, ya’ll.

I’ve also been working on sugar cookies.  Lots and lots of sugar cookies.  I’ve mostly been doing various heart-shaped designs, trying to get ready for Valentine’s Day.

When my schedule permits, I like to bring in desserts to share at the office, so this year, I’ve decided to bring in a “Nacho” Average Valentine Cookie platter featuring these nacho cookies I’ve been working on:

Aren’t they cute?!!

And they were so easy to decorate.  My plan is to place these nachos on a white platter and sprinkle a few red hearts among them to complete the theme.  It’s going to look maaaaaarvelous!

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What have you been working on lately?